The importance of second jobs

The number of people looking or having to look for a second job has been growing for years. And, against this backdrop, it’s not just students that are turning to direct sales. 

There are many reasons that speak in favour of the attractive perspectives in direct sales. Macroeconomically and microeconomically, but also in terms of individual households, for buyers and vendors, there are many substantiated reasons to believe the segment will continue to boom. 

As a “recommendation sector”, direct sales benefits from huge importance people set by personal recommendations when buying products. Recommended products are seen as more trusted and reliable and thus preferred by purchasers. Furthermore, direct sales is the most convenient shopping option. Comfortable shopping from home combined with high advice intensity are what make direct sales so successful. 

Our direct sales partners benefit from these experiences and results taken from purchasing behaviour research. A second job that combines working from home, freely chosen working hours and independence with a minimum level of start-up capital is, naturally, very attractive. Many of our partners make the transition from second job to main occupation, further increasing the scope of our market.

 Potential outside the USA is still far from exhausted and allows us to expect high international growth rates. The trend of ever more people taking on second jobs and looking for the right work-life balance are also driving direct sales forward. 

But not all direct sales enterprises will be able to tap into this excellent outlook equally. Ever more companies in the sector are applying a “Code of Ethics”, like the one drawn up by the UVDV (Association of Direct Sales Enterprises) members, for example. The companies that are value-oriented, have high moral standards and assume responsibility will likely end up with a larger share of the international “direct sales pie”.

Even housewives and stay home moms are able to make money with LR. 

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About 70 million people worldwide are active in direct sales and earn an annual turnover of more than US$ 107 billion. (source: feDSA)

Study and still earn money? No problem with LR. 

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