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Code of Conduct for Partners of LR-Health-Beauty.Systems

This Code of Conduct governs the behaviour and relationship of LR Partners towards customers, other MLM companies and other LR Partners, and sets a benchmark for their fair interaction with one another. The Code provides a clear presentation of LR’s values. It should serve to protect and satisfy the interests of both the customers and Partners, who promote the sustainable competitiveness of the business model, continue the long-standing tradition and preserve the good reputation of the company.

1. Conduct towards customers

LR Partners shall offer customers the best possible service. In light of this, the following specifications require particularly emphasis:

1.1. LR Partners shall only use clear and fair sales methods.

1.2. Accurate product information should be put at the full disposal of the customer. This includes price information, payment and return modalities as well as the reference to the right of revocation. In principle, the official consent of the company is required for such information to be passed on.

1.3. LR Partners shall respect customer privacy - a product presentation shall only occur if the customer has explicitly given his consent. The protection of private information on customers is a priority.

1.4. LR Partners shall distinguish themselves through fairness. They shall not exploit the inexperience, illness, age or insufficient language skills of customers.

1.5. Orders from customers shall be processed in a timely manner. Deliveries shall arrive within 14 days provided that no different date is set. Problems with the delivery shall be communicated immediately to the customer.

2. Conduct during the process of recruiting new partners

Honesty and openness are the key to successful sponsorship.

2.1. The earning and career opportunities shall be presented truthfully during sponsoring. Information regarding costs and expenses shall also be provided.

2.2 Examples of LR Partner revenues must correspond to reality. No specific income figure shall be guaranteed.

2.3. Only use of officially published information about company and products in communication.

2.4. LR Partners shall refrain from making negative and derogative remarks about other MLM companies and their products.

3. Conduct of LR Partners towards other LR Partners

The individual structures are governed by healthy, fair competition, which is marked by mutual respect.

Enticement of LR Partners from other structures within the same company is strictly prohibited. This is particularly the case in the following instances:

  • Inducing LR Partners into forbidden structure changes through promises, such as better support, enhanced career opportunities, etc.
  • Enticing LR Partners to breach a contract, for example official fictitious pseudo-partnerships with so-called 'straw men'
  • Spreading negative or degrading rumours about other partners
  • Disputes shall not be made public (including newspaper, social media or other public information sources).

4. Conduct of LR Partners towards other MLM companies

Respect shall be demonstrated to all other MLM companies.

4.1. Unfair, strategic enticement of Sales Partners from other MLM companies is unethical and shall not be accepted by LR. In light of this, the following examples are particularly worthy of mention:

  • Enticement of entire structures through seeking contact with several Sales Partners
  • Spreading negative or degrading rumours about these companies (earning opportunities, products, etc.)
  • Enticing Sales Partners to breach their contract
  • Payment of a bounty for an exchange, or the promise of such a payment

4.2. Warnings emitted from individual Sales Partners of other MLM companies on the grounds of supposed anticompetitive practices shall be prohibited.

5. Conduct of LR Partners towards the company as a whole

LR Partners shall display loyalty to their company.

5.1. LR Partners shall distinguish themselves through clean and fair work methods. All manipulations of the marketing plan are unethical and greatly damaging to business. Particularly worthy of mention in this context are the following cases: Systematic high sales and unjustified return of such products, distortion of competition through underpricing < purchase price, for example via auctions, manipulation of partner agreements, etc.

5.2. LR Partners shall behave loyally towards the company and will represent it appropriately and honestly at all times. They will undertake all efforts to avert damages from the company.

5.3. The principles for LR Partners’ business activities shall be the General Terms and Conditions of LR-Health-Beauty.Systems.

6. The image of LR Partners in public

LR Partners shall always act like respectable business people.

6.1. LR Partners are neither employees acting on behalf of LR nor contractors. They shall not give the impression of being employees of the company.

6.2. Contact with the press, TV and radio is reserved for the company. Exceptions are subject to approval. Requests from the media are to be forwarded on to the LR PR department immediately. All statements concerning the company and other partners or companies in all media (inkl. Facebook and Twitter) are also subject to an obligation to fairness and loyalty. If necessary, it must be coordinated with LR.

This Code of Conduct is binding for all LR Partners and must be complied with.

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