Certifications & awards

Many of our product innovations in the dietary supplement and care range have received numerous awards. 

LR has recieves awards from the renowned INSTITUT FRESENIUS, for example. Over 50 Aloe Vera products have also been awarded the prestigious IASC seal. 


INSTITUT FRESENIUS Regular Quality Control

For a product to be awarded the INSTITUT FRESENIUS quality seal, testing must assess far more than just the product. The extensive assessment starts by testing the raw materials, product ingredients and the supplier audits before finally testing the finished product. 

By the way: Regular checks are carried out long after the seal has been awarded to ensure that the product still demonstrates the high quality which is and was decisive in the award of the quality seal. 
SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS certified: Colostrum and Aloe Vera Drinking Gel

Visit their website for more information 

Other institutes that have repeatedly rewarded our product innovations in the dietary supplement and care range:



dermatest logo

The original DERMATEST® seal guarantees the traceability of testing methods, as well as consumer and producer safety. The seal certifies that the quality of the products is tested and confirmed.

Visit dermatest website for more information

Fragrance strength study

In close cooperation with Dermatest, LR has developed a process for testing the fragrance strength of perfumes. The study with the official title “clinical-dermatological application test for fragrance strength” attests the outstanding strength of LR fragrances. This study helped LR to successfully relaunch its fragrances in 2009. 

IASC (International Aloe Science Council)

Proud-member-IASC 1

IASC is a worldwide non-profit association for the Aloe Vera industry, supporting the promotion of Aloe Vera. With over 50 quality seals, LR currently (2011) maintains the largest number of IASC certified products in the world. What makes the LR products so unique is for example the use of a cold processing procedure for the Aloe Vera Gel production.

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Additional awards

bsb platinum part
  • BSB innovation prize for the Platinum range 
  • Top ranking for EdP Bruce Willis at the Duftstars 2011 by the VKE [German cosmetics distributors and marketing association] 
  • No. 11 of the Best Marketing Company Award 2010

LR Memberships

Next to the product awards LR is proud to be member of the following organizations

vke logo

LR is the only network enterprise in the VKE cosmetics association (data from 2011) whose members include the most renowned corporations in the industry.

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LR has also been a BDIH member [German certification organization] since July 2011 

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