The product range of LR in nutritional supplements is perfectly matched to the needs of consumers. Valuable ingredients and gentle processing are the focus in the development of these products.

Aloe Vera

All our Aloe Vera Drinking Gels have been awarded the prestigious INSTITUT FRESENIUS quality seal - unique on the market.Read more

Mind Master*

Less stress, more performance! Mind Master with the Green Energy Formula neutralizes stress and provides fresh energy for body and mind.Read more


The LR product families Colostrum, Cistus Incanus and Probiotic12 all support the body’s defense in different, specific ways.Read more


LR’s Figuactiv programme allows you to optimize your figure. The highlight: Shakes, soups and bars can all replace a main meal.Read more

Basic nutrients

The body needs a well-balanced supply with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary phytochemicals for a healthy lifestyle.Read more

Specific support

It is wellknown: In order to preserve good health and well-being, the human body must receive a specific optimum supply.Read more

Vital aging

LR has developed the Reishi Plus, LRoxan² and Woman Phyto activ products aimed at supporting your vitality even at an advanced age.Read more

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