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You can perfectly support your well-being with our product families Colostrum, Cistus Incanus and Priobiotic12. 

Colostrum – The elementary power of the first hours

Colostrum Products

(Not available in Australia/New Zealand.)

For LR's Colostrum products we use the mother's milk of a cow - the so-called "colostral milk". It is only produced in the first hours after the birth of the calf. This milk naturally provides the new-born calf with everything that it needs.

The Colostrum quality criteria:

  1. Exclusive use of the surplus milk from the first 12 hours
  2. Exclusively from cows from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  3. The first Colostrum products on the market with the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS quality seal
  4. All products are free of preservatives

Probiotic12: Probiotic bacteria for your well-being

Pro Biotic Product

(Not available in Australia/New Zealand.)

Probiotic bacteria can be divided into over 400 different bacterial strains. Millions of these bacteria populate our intestines. Human physical well-being depends on the correct natural balance of these bacteria.

What is special about Probiotic12 by LR? 

  1. I billion probiotic bacteria per capsule 
  2. 12 different bacterial strains 
  3. Patented micro-encapsulation 
  4. Lactose-free
  5. Pro12 formula: patent pending, exclusively by LR!

Cistus Incanus: With the power of wild Cistus

Cistus Products

(Not available in Australia/New Zealand.)

Cistus Incanus or "grey-haired rockrose" is a small, aromatic shrub, which grows mainly in magnesium-rich soils in Southern Europe.

  • Cistus Incanus Spray – also ideal for on-the-go 
  • Cistus Incanus Capsules – with vitamin C and zinc 
  • Cistus Incanus Tea – zesty and pleasant

What is special about Cistus Incanus by LR?

  1. Use of rich, fine-cut leaves, no woods or blends 
  2. Only from wild-growing plants 
  3. No genetic engineering


Would you like to benefit from Colostrum, Cistus Incanus and Priobiotic12?

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In order to guarantee quality in the long term, LR has assigned a very strict and independent testing institute with the regular quality inspections of Colostrum Pearls, Colostrum Direct and Colostrum Compact. 



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